Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Boy Loves the Chicks

Chick chick
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He's only four years old but my little boy already has the chicks flocking to him. Literally. Or maybe it's the other way around. The chicks have the boy flocking to them. Whatever the case may be I spent the better part of the day last Thursday hanging out at the baby chick spot at the Comal County Fair. My boy desperately wants a pet of his own -- because four cats, a dog, a rabbit, three birds and some fish aren't enough for our household. The boy wants something to call his own and to bring to his bed to sleep with him at night.

He's tried to sneak in crickets, grasshoppers, fireflies, snails, toads and lizards (most of which we did eventually find and return to their outdoor homes). His big sister won an iguana at the fair and pleaded with us to let her give it to the boy, but mean old mom and dad insisted it would be happier at someone else's home along with the mealworms she brought home from a science project.

The county fair is really the boy's best bet to cuddle with the fluffy little feathery things. So I didn't mind spending my time waiting away the hours as he captured and cuddled chick after chick after chick.

Eventually they had to throw us out. They don't allow us to sleep in the chick pen and after a while I was craving eggs. So we made our way home, but I assured the boy that the fair would return next year and maybe, if he was lucky, we find those missing fireflies before then. I'm sure they're in here somewhere.

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