Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What a Great Way to Celebrate a Birthday

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Another year older already. I can remember blogging about my birthday last year and it seems like just a few weeks ago. Can it really be another year? There's a cake in the fridge right now that I am under strict orders to not touch until everyone is home. It has a big number 3 and a big number 9 on it. I'm going to have to save those two numbers so I can use them for a few years. Nobody will notice if I keep pulling them out every year, right?

And what better way to celebrate the big 3-9 than with wine, food and music. The Convention and Visitor's Bureau of New Braunfels and the Gruene Historical District have asked me to shoot the Gruene Music and Wine Fest this weekend. I'm excited about it. I've always wanted to attend this annual festival but work has always popped up. Now the festival is my work so what better excuse to go!

Gruene is fast turning into one of my favorite locations for shooting portraits.

I'll kick off my birthday weekend with dinner at the Gristmill tonight in Gruene -- after I take the kids to gymnastics and piano lessons of course, then I'll hit the wine and music tomorrow and the rest of the weekend -- professionally speaking of course. Everyone is invited to come out. Say hello if you see me!

On another note, I spent last weekend shooting the Canyon Lake Gorge. This place is amazing. You know how the Grand Canyon is said to have been carved over a period of millions of years? While this place doesn't compare at all to the grandeur of the Grand Canyon, it's still pretty impressive. The Canyon Lake Gorge, however, was carved over the period of about two weeks during a massive flood in 2002. It's a geology paradise. Fossil hunters would salivate at this place as well. But no taking of souvenirs is allowed! This gorge is closed to the public except by private tour, which we took.

You can take a tour as well if you contact the Canyon Lake Gorge Preservation Society here. It's worth the effort.

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