Thursday, May 6, 2010

Riverwalk Wedding

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I shot my first San Antonio Riverwalk wedding last weekend. Ever since I started shooting weddings I've been waiting for this opportunity. With such a beautiful setting there was no way I could go wrong. The ceremony took place out on a patio overlooking the Riverwalk and then the guests headed inside the hotel for dinner and dancing.

I've gotten to know this bride over the past few months and she's really the genuine deal. She's so sweet and easy-going it's not hard to see what her new husband sees. She was so proud of her bright red shoes, but I must spill the beans -- they weren't very comfortable. She called them 20-minute shoes and let me know when our post-wedding photo shoot was going on 20 minutes. She couldn't wait to kick them off. I shot this image right after our little session when we were walking back around to the hotel (yes, we had to actually leave the hotel and walk across the bridge to get to the stair down to the river). I said "pretend like you're trying to hail a cab," which she did, but then decided to show the shoes and a little leg to get some attention. What a fun day!

I'd like to share more of my favorites from the day but it's so much easier to just direct you to the gallery of my favorites so just click here.

I also would like to put in a plug for the dress maker. The bride literally gave her a picture of two dresses she liked and asked her to combine the things she likes about them into one dress. That's talent! She's a super sweet lady as well and put up a little page of some of my images to display the dress on her website. Take a look at what she has to offer here.

I have another wedding in a couple of weeks so I'm gearing up for that one. It should be just as lovely in beautiful Landa Park here in New Braunfels. Check back later for some of that one!

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