Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Here's to Hard-Earned Breaks

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I had a weekend off last weekend. That hasn't happened for months. For the first time in I don't remember when I didn't have a thing to do on a Saturday or Sunday. I got my hair done, did a little shopping, went to a party, then spent Mother's Day at Schlitterbahn -- an excellent day to go being that very few people will take their sweet mommas to a waterpark on her day. We went on all the rides over and over again and got thoroughly chilled to the bone. What fun!

Monday it was back to work, however. When I wasn't trying to make a cranky child happy, I was trying to fit in 5 hours of defensive driving online. Ugh! Remember that nasty little ticket I told you about a few weeks ago? It is behind me and I can now recite the sobering statistics about drunk driving and all the wonderful ways your car can implode on you on the interstate.

This afternoon I was able to get my fingers back into Photoshop shape with some images Jayme shot last night of an aspiring male model. I'm sharing one of our favorites of Shawn that I was able to create with some new plug-ins my darling husband bought me for Mother's Day. Some moms get cheap perfume and flowers, I get camera gear. Oh and that silly New Moon T-shirt he thought it would be so funny to see me wear -- yes, I love to look like a 38-year-old teenager -- go Team Jacob!

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