Friday, April 30, 2010

My System

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I have my system for keeping up with appointments. It's old and outdated -- I write them down on my free Half Price Books calendar. I also keep track of all my kids events and bills that are due on the same one. I highlight appointments, sessions, places I need to be in yellow. I highlight birthdays in pink, bills due in green and payments received in blue. Lately my calendar is a mess. I scribble all kinds of notes along the side -- phone numbers, directions to sessions, grocery lists. I realize it's a disaster waiting to happen but I don't know what to do . I tried to use my cell phone calendar to record everything, but I end up writing it on my handy free calendar and then forgetting to transfer it to the cell phone. I tried using Google calendars and the same thing is happening. I forget to update it. I tried to buy a fancy, new leather-bound calendar at the beginning of the year so I could pull it out in front of clients and show how together I am. I couldn't decide on the right color so I still pull out my freebie calendar and laugh it off with a confident "it gets the job done."

A disaster happened last month when I spilled some Diet Coke on my calendar. Everything was a smudgy mess and I had to guess my way around the more splotchy areas. I came out okay. I didn't miss any appointments then. But now with a recent increase in business -- which is wonderful by the way -- I'm finding myself looking for a new system. I've filled every inch of the month of April and May is starting to look pretty complex. It's hard to read my way through the complex labyrinth of appointments, bills due and birthdays. There has to be a better way. Perhaps one of those big desk size calendars would be more appropriate, but then I couldn't grab it and stick it in my bag on my way out to meetings. I'm open to suggestions. What works for you?

By the way, today I'm sharing a shot from a session I did last week. Such sweet kids! Most boys would probably snarl if I asked them to rub noses with their little sister, but not this one. Thanks for letting me capture these moments!

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