Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Swim Season

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Only one week left of school for the year and we just attended our last end of the year recital. But already, summer is underway with the Landa Park Dolphins. They had their first meet of the year on Saturday and I was happy to finally dive back in so to speak as the team's photographer. I took on the role last year and had a blast documenting the season in photographs.

I got my start in photography while in college and I spent many hours on the sidelines of Aggie football games. I watched the entire '95 season through the lens of my old SLR waiting for the right moment to snap a shot. While others my age were hitting the after game parties I was toiling away in the dark room. I was always so proud to see my shots on the front page of the sports section -- showing the world my vision of the game. Or at least my little neck of the world.

So last year when I had the opportunity to get back into sports photography even as a volunteer, I didn't hesitate. You can follow the Dolphins on my site. They'll be in the clients section under "Dolphins", or course.

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