Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Clock is Ticking on Bluebonnet Season

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Texas in the spring time is a beautiful thing to see. We're known as the wildflower state and it's easy to see why when you travel down I-10 to Houston, or up I-35 to Temple. There are plenty of magnificent displays of red and blue and purple and yellow wildflowers all over the state. We've had an especially vibrant crop this year because of the cold, wet winter, whereas last year was a dry spell for us. Not much of anything colorful popped up in 2009. I guess that's why everyone is so in awe of this year's crop. On our Easter road trip to see the grandparents we couldn't go a mile without seeing cars pulled off to the side of the road, families traipsing through the flowers to find the perfect spot.

I've had a good time with bluebonnet sessions as well. I found a spot that I absolutely love. I discovered it early in the season and kept my mouth shut, only sharing with a few people. But it wasn't long before everyone else discovered it themselves. This little plot of land outside of New Braunfels that I've passed thousands of times the rest of the year became a booming draw for motorists the past couple of weeks. I shot this family there last weekend and wanted to share one of the images. It's getting harder, however, to find a spot amongst these flowers that hasn't been trampled yet. And many of the bluebonnets have started going to seed and are soon to disappear for the year.

I still have to get my own kids out there -- have to put them on the calendar I guess and treat it like a client's session or it'll never get done! But I need to do it soon or these blooms will be gone for another year. And who knows when we'll get another year like this.

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