Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beach Day Wrap-up

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The first Lisa on Location Beach Day is done and up for viewing. I have to admit, I was having kind of a bad weekend at first. I had a no-show for one of my sessions the day before, I was grossly overcharged by a big corporation who shall remain nameless and was suddenly off budget, and I woke up that morning to find my sweet cat Tootsie not looking too good (see blog below). The sky was overcast and rainy and I feared we would be rained out. I packed up the family nonetheless who were all excited about beaching it.

The drive down there was pretty clear, besides the intermittent drizzling of rain. My foul mood, however, took a nosedive when I got pulled over for speeding. Honestly! If you know me this will totally surprise you. I'm often teased for my lack of ability to drive over the speed limit. It was one of those towns that lowers the speed limit little by little really quickly and if you aren't on your toes -- like I wasn't because I was concentrating on looking for the correct turn -- you can get trapped.

So I showed up in Port Aransas with a major chip on my shoulder. Only made all the more troubling by a last minute call to cancel made by one of my families. That was okay. I totally understood! The rain was troubling many people that day and the line to get on the ferry to get the heck out of town was extremely long.

So have you ever had one of those days -- or actually a series of days -- where nothing really seems to go right. Where it seems like the fates are conspiring against you. That was me on my Beach Day. Until I showed up at one of my client's beach condo -- where she recommended I have my sessions. This family looked so great all dressed in their khakis and so excited and happy to see me. Their smiles were contagious and we jumped right in to our session. It started drizzling part way through and I half expected them to want to go inside and call it a day. But they were content to splash around the surf with the rain drizzling down and the wind kicking up.

The next family on the schedule reacted the same way. They were just thrilled to be there and were so great to work with.

What I ended up with wasn't exactly the series I had in mind. I was picturing blue skies and a perfect sunset. But I kind of like the dreamy quality in these images. Made possible by heavy fog and drizzle along the horizon. I was grateful I had my handy weather-sealed 70-200 with me. I wasn't too worried about the drizzle and the sand on the breeze. It turned into a really great Beach Day after all.

So I guess the moral of this story is that something beautiful can come from even the dreariest of days. The date of my next Beach Day is still to be set but I promise it will be a Saturday and I will give plenty of notice.

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