Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Going to the chapel....

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Meet Nella, one of the sweetest ladies I've met in a long time. Nella found her Prince Charming and will be marrying him this weekend and I'm so honored she asked me to capture her special day. I'm looking forward to this wedding on the Riverwalk and I'm excited about sharing it with you next week. We had a last minute engagement session last night at the Japanese Tea Gardens and got to share the space with no fewer than a dozen other professional photographers shooting bridals, quinceaneras, senior portraits and family portraits. Now I know where all the cool photographers hang out and the secret is out! Not a good place to shoot on a weekend, however, or so I was told by another photographer who made the mistake of scheduling a session there on a Sunday and had to compete with hordes of tourists. But Monday evening was nice and the light was perfect.

On the home front I had the honor of sleeping on a hard floor in NASA with 300 Girl Scouts the other night. My back is still thanking me for that honor. The girls had a blast, however, and will never forget the fun. I, however, would love to forget that floor. As well as the mannequin in a space suit hovering 20 feet above my head as I slept. I kept having visions of Night at the Museum and was horrified by the prospect of looking up only to see him smiling and waving down at me. But since there were no magical tablets from ancient civilizations on display, I was pretty safe. I did return home with bug bites all over my torso and rear end and I'm a bit worried about the possibility that I may have picked up a mutant space bug in my pajamas that will torment me with an incurable rash. Houston, I have a problem.

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