Thursday, July 29, 2010

Must have been a beautiful baby

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Meet Baby Cash. He's a mere 2 months old and the first child of one very happy couple. I met this little darling last week and wanted to share his handsome face with you. This session was a bit of a challenge because there was limited space in the small apartment of this family. I used window lighting as my main light source and provided the fill with a reflector and strobe. I love baby photo shoots like this! The time flew by lickitty split and I even went over. But it was so worth it.

In other news on the homefront my boy has decided he's ready for a big boy bed. Therefore, the past few days have been full of major toy clearing out and cleaning of all the kids rooms. I'm feeling free and clean after clearing out a vanload of outgrown toys and clothes. Something about shedding mass quantities of possessions makes one feel lighter. I'm looking forward to decorating his little room with stars and planets to create his own little universe.

Somehow I blinked and my own little baby has grown into a big boy. Seems like just last week he was the size of Baby Cash and now he's moving on into outer space.

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