Sunday, August 8, 2010

BHS '90

BHS '90
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Twenty years ago I graduated from Bastrop High School. Did I just reveal my age? So anyway I was one of those genius kids who graduated high school when I was 12. Really I was.

The class officers asked me to shoot the reunion and I was thrilled with the job. I must have heard "thank you for doing this" a hundred times, but seriously thank YOU for letting me do it.

It was so much fun to see some of my old friends again. I haven't seen some of them in 20 years and they look just as beautiful and are just as much fun as they were then. I'm kicking myself for letting us lose touch.

It was a crazy weekend with a float decorating, a parade and then a dinner and dance. Our float won second place in the decorating contest, but I'm sure it was rigged. There's no way the Class of '95 float was as cool as ours and I know they didn't have as much fun. We drenched them with our water pistols as they went by.

For old time's sake we hung out on main street, drove the "L" -- which basically means driving your car back and forth between what used to be Big Long's and what used to be Little Long's along Main and Chestnut streets, and my best friend even locked her keys in her car at midnight -- just like old times. The only difference was I didn't have a curfew but I got tired before long and actually wanted to go home early. Then I got to sleep on an air mattress in the living room of my mom's house and get kicked in the face by my 4-year-old.

It was fun while it lasted! Now back to the real world. But I can't wait for the 25-year reunion!


  1. Lisa - Once again, thank you for taking pictures. I was concerned that you were worried about working and not having fun. But now that I read your blog, I am happy that you did. I can't wait to see the beautiful pictures that will become life-long keepsakes. You are an amazing photographer and person. One last comment - BHS Class of 90 ROCKS!!!! LOL


  2. Thanks so much to you and your husband for taking on this tast AND still managing to have fun.

    Michelle Pinion