Monday, February 15, 2010

The Tragedy of Lost Equipment

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I thought I'd share a photo taken on a crisp Saturday morning at the park while waiting for my clients to arrive. The fog coming off the water was so lovely -- and disappearing fast as the sun rose above the trees.

The session went well as we took advantage of the fog but about halfway through it my flash diffuser popped off my strobe and rolled into the water. The water is a nice 67 degrees year round, but of course we didn't think to bring a swimsuit -- who would. It cost me about $15 so I didn't sweat it, I just thought I'd order another online when I got home. So I got home and started looking for a replacement and realized it's not so easy. They are unavailable at Amazon and nobody is selling them on Ebay. My Google searches are turning up nothing. There is a much more expensive version of the same thing available however. So I'm thinking my $15 loss is no longer a $15 loss, but maybe a $70-$75 loss. For that I think we'll go swimming. I'll be sending my darling hubby -- a.k.a. Lensboy, a.k.a. Holder of My Reflector, a.k.a. Taker of All That I Dish Out For Him -- to the park later this evening, swimsuit and towel in tote, to fetch my diffuser.

Thanks Dear -- You're a keeper!

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