Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lisa on Location's Grand Opening

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So I guess I'm officially open for business as of tomorrow. I will be hosting my Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting ceremony tomorrow at 4:30 at the office of the CoC. Of course I've been shooting sessions for more than a year now. I was officially open then too. But now I'm officially official. Or something like that. Whatever, it's a chance to pass out cards, get my picture taken -- for a change -- and serve Girl Scout cookies and sodas because, yes, I still have quite a few boxes of those cookies. What chamber official wouldn't want a Thin Mint and a Diet Coke. They'll be flocking to my party.

I joined the chamber last fall so I technically should have done this at that time, but who has time in between portrait sessions, weddings, and mayhem. My husband has been nagging at me to get it done and he's right. He's the PR person, he should know!

So if you have nothing better to do on a Wednesday afternoon, brave the traffic and the weather and head down to the chamber offices to help me celebrate. I'll give you a Thin Mint!

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