Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sleep is highly overrated

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This past weekend I did what I do best. Jammed packed every hour with activity leaving little time for sleep. The weekend started with a Girl Scout sleepover, where I attempted to teach a room full of giggling 10-year-olds a little about the night sky to earn a badge. Needless to say, they managed to giggle at almost everything I said. Jayme was able to entertain them with a peak in his telescope and the badge was earned after all! I would like to be able to say we spent a restful night of slumber, but then it wouldn't be a sleepover if the girls actually slept. No sleep for me either.
The next day we headed out to Columbus for a photo session -- a sample of which I have displayed here. These clients had a beautiful piece of property and no shortage of appealing backdrops. The next morning I managed to fit in another bridal session before heading off to the Renaissance Festival with the family.
I'd like to say we rode all the rides and played all the games, but, seriously, who can afford to do that? Is it my imagination or have the prices on all the rides and games increased drastically over the past few years? At $3 a ride, times 3 kids, I'd need to take out a second mortgage to get my kids on all the rides and games at that place. I believe the goal of that festival is no longer to entertain and educate the masses but rather to separate each individual from their money as quickly and efficiently as possible. Each child did manage to leave with a souvenir and ride a few of the shorter-than-one-would-believe, yet-massively-expensive rides.
Now preparation is under way for this weekend when my brother-in-law will finally marry my new friend, Tami and I can't wait to celebrate with them. I'll be their photographer of course and I'll be only too happy to post some pictures here for everyone to see next week.

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