Saturday, November 28, 2009

Baby's First Shiner

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My baby boy got his first shiner on Thanksgiving Day. It was a freak accident. A cousin was picking up a tennis racket from the ground and my boy happened to be in the spot the racket swung up. He got a nasty gash that I'm afraid may leave a scar and of course the black and blue shiner. At first I freaked a little and took him to the emergency room. But after waiting a while in a crowded, gross, emergency room in a town far from home -- witnessing some nastiness and exposing ourselves to every airborne virus in existence -- we decided it probably wasn't bad enough to require the care of a doctor. We cleaned it out ourselves and applied liquid bandaid to seal it and close up the gash. Once he had a Tootsie Pop in his sticky little hand the boy was fine and enjoyed eating up all the attention.

I thought he looked like a little gangster in his hoodie and got the brainstorm to do a photo session with baby's first shiner. You know I always say that I can see the beauty in everything and that includes a nasty black eye, which most moms would try to cover with make-up and immediately postpone any picture taking because of. Not I. These are the moments we need to photograph the most. It's a little piece of his childhood.

So I drove around the back alleys of New Braunfels looking for a spot that looks rough enough for my photo session, but not so rough that I wouldn't want to get out of my car with my precious boy. I made the mistake of turning down a wrong alley and splashed through a puddle of rotted milk and sour cheese slime. The smell was putrid and it followed us all over town -- even after the photo shoot and a trip to the grocery store. We finally had to retreat to a car wash to rid our car of the stink before making our way home. My life is in adventure, what can I say.

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