Monday, November 16, 2009

Congratulations John and Tami

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As I sit to write this blog my wrists are aching with the numbness I get from working too hard on the computer. But I can't stop! I'm just loving the photos I'm getting from this weekend's wedding. This particular wedding was a challenge for me because the groom is my brother in law. As a result I had my husband serving as a groomsman, my two daughters as a flower girl and a cross-bearer, my son as a ring bearer and I, of course, would be shooting the wedding. Most people thought I was crazy to attempt to shoot this but the thought of someone else shooting it made me nervous. I know these people very well, I know what they're like and what they want and I think we work really well together. Not to mention I'm giving them the best wedding gift I could possibly give them.
The weekend went off without a glitch. The drama of the week before that usually happens before any wedding was finally ironed out and everyone came together to get these two hitched in style.
It was so much fun John and Tami. Thanks for letting me do this for you. I can't wait for you to see what I got!

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