Monday, November 23, 2009

Crazy busy holidays

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So I was checking out my calendar the other day and I realized Thanksgiving is upon us. How did that happen?! I still have a Halloween pumpkin in my front yard (see blog below). I've barely had a moment to come up for air! My schedule for the next few weeks is full --but I may have a Saturday slot open in 3 weeks so e-mail or call me sooner rather than later!

My photography class is on hiatus until the spring semester. It was a busy 10 weeks but I think the students learned a lot and I hope I've released 40 or so competent photography hobbyists out on the world.

On another note, Happy Birthday to my oldest daughter today. She's 11 going on 16 -- in attitude and personality. I can't believe I've been a mom for this long.

The photo I've decided to share today is my favorite of the week from a session I did last weekend. Isn't she beautiful!

Oh and one last news item. That issue of New Beginnings that my little business is featured in is out today. The article is about my Beauty of Motherhood series and my passion for breastfeeding photography. Check out the series under Galleries on my page and check out the magazine here

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  1. Yes Lisa see is beautiful, it is the best picture that see has ever taken. Thank you so much for this moment in time. I will get with you soon on which pictures we want just can not make up my mind.