Friday, March 13, 2009

Rained out sessions

Well it looks like my photo sessions for this Saturday are going to be rained out. That's one of the drawbacks to doing location shooting. There's always the possibility of bad weather. So instead of doing photo shoots I'll be driving around looking for possible shoot locations for future sessions. Or I could take advantage of the rain out to actually stay home and do housework -- Nahh!

In other news I put my van up for sale today. It's a 1998 minivan that I bought when I was pregnant with Keela. Keela is now 8 years old! It's taken us on a lot of fun trips and there are so many memories attached to it. Bringing Keela home for the first time, bringing Orion home for the first time, driving back and forth from Temple to Columbus to Bastrop. I get attached to things, even old cars, so I know I'll be getting sentimental as we find a new home for this van and move on to the next one that will be coming shortly. We'll have to peel Keela's sticker collection off the back window. And remove the melted crayon from the back cup holder. And of course take off the Aggie stickers and the sticker that says "Got breastmilk" on the back window. I'm sure our new van will bring us just as much fun. I can't wait to meet it.

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