Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Boy's Birthday

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Well my baby boy turned 3 yesterday and it was an exhausting day of toddler birthday parties and the ever popular Chuck E. Cheese. I had this wonderful idea to make a cake and create a dinosaur scene on top with little plastic toys. I made the mistake of icing the cake while everyone was eating lunch and then decided to lay the little ones down and finish up during naptime. I turned my back for literally two minutes and come back to find this.

He was so proud of his creation. He delights in making messes. Fortunately, uncle Shaggy showed up with an ice cream cake for us. I couldn't resist his little mess, however, and let him put the candles on this one. We just told everyone that the cake was an artistic creation of the dinosaurs coming upon a tarpit , within which the dinosaurs would fall and be lost for millions of years -- or until we dug them out and ate around them.

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