Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Bugaboo!

Today my baby boy turns 3. It seems like just yesterday that I was surprised to learn we'd be having a third child. Just when I'd accepted the fact that we'd be a family of 4 and I'd never have a boy. I was content. Who needed a boy when I had two wonderful little girls who gave me all the joy I could imagine -- in addition to more frustration than I ever thought two little cute darlings could bring.

We're having a little party for him this afternoon. He's got a table full of presents that he keeps getting into and trying to open before it's time. It's so funny to see how frustrated he gets. They're right in front of his face and he wants them so bad! After the party it's off to Chuck E. Cheese for yet more noise and chaos -- because one can never have enough plastic pinwheels and sticky wall clinging fingers -- but hey, they cost 250 tickets so they must be worth it!

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