Sunday, March 15, 2009

My New Van

The Blaschkes have a new member of the family. As I told you previously, we put our long time minivan for sale the other day. It was snapped up pretty quickly -- and why shouldn't it be, it was a great car! But I was left without a car all of a sudden, so off we trek to our local used car dealer - because I don't buy new. We found a newer version of my old reliable Caravan. This one is a bit bigger, which is important because my children seem to keep getting bigger and bigger -- that's what happens when you feed those things! I also needed more space for my equipment.

My favorite feature on this thing is the plug for my MP3 player, if only I can figure out how to use the thing. I also like the stow and go seating and the built in child restraint system. I'm thinking of ordering one of those big stickers for the back window to advertise my site and get more traffic here.

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