Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Totally Worth the Early Hour {Port Aransas Engagement Photographer}

I took a little break from work this past weekend to spend some time on the beach with my family. While we were there I did some updated family portraits of my own, which I'll share with you in a blog later. But one of my summer couples loved the beach so much that I offered to do their engagement session for them on the beach while we were there.

It's a three-and-half hour drive so this kind of session is usually not an option for most of my couples, but since we were going to be there anyway it was all good.

The bad part is that, being on the gulf of Mexico, the sun rises over our ocean. So to get that pretty sun sitting over the water, we'd need to do sunrise, not sunset. Sunrise was at 6:30 am. Ugh. I'm not a morning person. I'm not a night person either. Early to bed, late to rise, that's my motto.

But after dragging myself out of bed (and pulling my daughter out too to help me), we came over the dunes to the most amazing site I've seen in a while.

It was breathtaking. I was suddenly very awake as I started to picture all the amazing images I was going to create. And as a bonus, the beach was pretty deserted. I do have issue with the people who leave their canopies up over night, but I won't get into that!

Ashley and Able brought their sweet little dog, Baby Bear, with them. He was so excited! My daughter enjoyed spoiling him while we shot some images that he wasn't in. Then she helped control him on the images he was in.

The wedding is coming up pretty fast in just a few weeks. I'll share images of that soon! But for now, take a peek at Ashley and Abel.

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