Friday, June 23, 2017

Pin-up can be a family affair {New Braunfels Pin-up Photography}

One of my favorite brides ever called me a few months ago asking me to set up a pin-up party for her family. She wanted to include her children and best friend in a small little party to celebrate her nearing the end of nursing school.

I had not done a child at a pin-up party before, but I jumped at the chance because I've known these kids for a while and knew they'd do amazing. I brought in Stephanie of Vanity Eiland to do hair and makeup for them.

First we photographed the kiddos -- alone and together. They had so much fun mugging for the camera. I tried to paint them a picture of what the image would look like and had them look tough, or suprised, or silly, or cool. They did amazing!

Dad opted not to pose this time, but maybe some day he'll step into the pinup photos too. So after the kids were done, dad took them away and the mommy and her friend played all afternoon.

We explored all kinds of moods and themes that afternoon. Here are some of my favorites.

Lisa On Location Photography

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