Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Proof that no family portrait comes together perfectly {Port Aransas Photography}

I told you about that little break to the beach I took with the family last weekend. One of my goals for that weekend was to finally redo our family portraits. I let the time in between them lapse too long, like most families do.

And I wanted to share those final images with you but I also wanted to show you a few of the rejects. Because at almost every family session I shoot there's always the kid who won't cooperate, the dad who doesn't want to be there, and the snarky sister who wants to punch the little brother. These are common factors in almost every, Single. Session. And each mom worries that her family is weird. That they're the only ones in the history of family portraits who are difficult. They aren't. I usually delete these images but I wanted to show you -- to assure you that you're not alone.

First I'll show a few of the final images. They look fine. Everyone smiling and in place.

They look okay. Not perfect. But they're fine for my wall in my house.

But to get there I had to deal with a boy who didn't want to be there. Threats were involved. Bribes were involved. Sisters punching him on the arm were involved.

He finally did settle down enough to get a few shots in. But not until putting his own spin on the portraits.

In the end the best thing to do was to just let them go. The best shots of the day were much less staged. More natural and candid.

Thank goodness it worked out in the end. It usually does.

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