Monday, January 14, 2013

The Shark from Mars Makes it's Debut Race {Project 365}

The Boy found happiness this weekend in a shark car named "Shark from Mars". The past few weeks he and Jayme have spent hours sawing, sanding, designing and painting this block of wood in preparation for this most treasured boy scout tradition -- the Pinewood Derby.

When I was a child my brother was involved with Boy Scouts and the annual Pinewood Derby was a thorn in my side. I had to go to the Boy Scout ranch and sit for hours amongst pre-adolescent stinky boys who laughed at my Barbies and pulled my hair when I turned my back on them.

But somehow over the course of a few decades, the Pinewood Derby has changed. It's no longer full of stinky pre-adolescent boys, but cute little boys with cute little cars. Okay, it's possible it's just my perspective that's changed. I should ask the little sisters at the event what they though of it and maybe they'd say it was a stink fest still.

The Boy made a really good showing for his first year. He just barely missed the semi-finals. But the important part is that he had a blast making that shark car with his dad and the race day itself was full of running around like a monkey, having a good time with the other Cub Scouts, eating popcorn, watching his shark car race and being a little boy.

Already he's planning for next year. Perhaps a car that looks like a space ship?

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