Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Changing of the Year {Project 365}

The past week in my 365 project brought a change of the calendar year. On day 55, we lost our beagles. The strong winds over night took down our fence and gave them a cold night out. I did find them along the interstate, however, at about mid-day so I promptly photographed a wanted poster of them for future escape attempts.

Day 56 brought a quiet day at home with the family. Jayme is helping our boy build a pinewood derby car for Cub Scouts and the boy enjoyed practicing his painting on a cool wooden pirate ship. I can't wait to share with you the finished pinewood derby car.

On day 57, the boy and I made a trip to the McKenna Children's Museum where he pretended to be an astronaut, painted my a picture, withdrew large sums of play money from their bank and made the front page of the Herald Zeitung newspaper. What a fun day out. This image was shot with my iphone so forgive the less than stellar quality.

On day 58 we made a little road trip to have lunch with my cousins. We also swung into the camera store to pick up some new supplies and allow my boy to wreak havoc on dozens of unsuspecting camera customers. And no trip to the camera store is complete without a throw himself to the ground and cry fit because I didn't buy him that super cool Spiderman book mark (photo not available of that fit or the cool bookmark. Sorry). Anyway, on our way home from the camera store we saw the streets of Austin covered with people in strange Manga garb. The girls got really excited as they pointed out characters they recognized walking along the streets. We even saw our favorite Sailor Moon. I'm not sure who the character is in this image, but I thought the wall was pretty cool that she chose to stand against.

You'll recognize the lovely teen in the photo for day 59 as my assistant and daughter. I'll call this one "the teen who is pissed that I got her up at 8 a.m. on a Sunday morning to help me with a session but she had no choice because she went over her data plan on her cell phone again and owed me big time."

Day 60 was New Year's Eve and this boy could have partied all night. Shot with my iphone again because there was no way I was pulling out my DSLR after shooting a wedding all day. He dodged my kisses when midnight struck, but I did manage to get him to eat some black-eyed peas the next day so 2013 shouldn't be a total bust.

Day 61 was New Year's Day and what better way to spend it than furniture shopping. It was kind of spur of the moment. We went to a yummy Indian Restaurant in the neighborhood of Rooms to Go and decided to stop in to check out tables. Our current table is showing serious signs of wear and I'm ready to move on. I did find one that we were all happy with and since all I had with me was my iphone, I snapped a photo with it. It'll be delivered in a few weeks and I'm looking forward to all the family meals we'll have around this.

On Day 62, yesterday, Jayme bought Lightroom 4. I've had in on my computer for a while and use it daily. But it's a new area for Jayme. Here I was showing him a flyer for a training seminar I'm going to in a few weeks. Jayme will be starting coursework at Texas State in a few days. He'll be taking some art and photography classes and he's gathering up the equipment and software he'll need. I like to tell people I'm going out with a college boy. Teehee!

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