Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Shot a Wedding in my Bare Feet! {Destination Wedding Photography}

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you know that I'm a whiner when it comes to shoes. The cute ones kill my feet. I have yet to find the perfect all day wedding shoes that don't look like granny shoes. Is it really that hard to be comfy and cute?
So last weekend was a welcome change for my feet. I was able to photograph the entire affair in my bare feet. Many of the bridal party opted for bare feet as well. I assure you there was nothing unprofessional about my behavior. You see, barefooted is the way to be in the Caribbean. For this grand affair I was flow to a gorgeous seaside resort in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

I was thrilled to photograph this wedding for this beautiful couple. I met the bride, Lana, when she took my photography class through the New Braunfels ISD community ed program. Photography is very important to her. That's why she opted to not use the generic resort photographer who came with her package. And I was thrilled to help her out! Who wouldn't love a trip to paradise for work?
The Paradisus Resort hosted the beautiful event. The ceremony took place right on the beach with a rain storm headed straight for us. We managed to get all the way through the ceremony and part of the way through the formal photo session before the rain hit. And I've never seen a bride handle rain so well. Lana wasn't the least bit annoyed by it and even agreed to stand out in it for a rain shot for me.

We were all a little disappointed that the reception was moved off of the beach and into one of their ball rooms, but the guests were in great spirits all evening.

I was impressed with how many of the couples friends and family made the trip to the Dominican Republic to celebrate with them. It's great to see so many of their loved ones enjoying a tropical vacation and celebrating their new lives together as husband and wife.

The day after the wedding the whole crew went together on a dune buggy adventure. Many of the guests stayed an extra day or two enjoying the spa, golf courses, and all you cam eat buffets the resort had to offer.

Unfortunately, we had to high tail it home. We had three little children anxiously awaiting our return from paradise with a bag full of cheap t-shirts, magnets, and obnoxious noise makers stamped with "Dominican Republic" only to sport a "made in china" label on the bottom.

But I'm game to go again to the next paradise wedding that should come my way. Anyone up for Jamaica?

Lisa on Location New Braunfels destination wedding photography
Lisa on Location New Braunfels destination wedding photography
Lisa on Location New Braunfels destination wedding photography
Lisa on Location New Braunfels destination wedding photography
Lisa On Location Photography

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