Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Jonny and Krystle are Getting Hitched {New Braunfels wedding photography}

I see weddings almost every weekend and those are some of the most romantic moments in the lives of the happy couple. I am so honored to be a part of those moments. But every now and then I get to share in another special moment that's almost as exciting.

The proposal.

Jonny first contacted me while I was in the Dominican Republic for that destination wedding. His needs were a little more complex than my normal session. You see Jonny is from Houston, not New Braunfels, and he hasn't been here for years. So he didn't know where to pull all this off and needed my help. His plan was to take Krystle for a walk along a river after a romantic dinner during their vacation to New Braunfels, and somehow have her fish with a pole that had a ring tied to the end of the string. She needed to reel it in and find the ring, at which point he would drop to one knee and propose. Only she doesn't like to fish, and she really doesn't like to pose for photos for strangers.

That's where me and my sneaky assistant, Calista, had to get to work. I told him about a lovely romantic restaurant, the Huisache, that's just a few blocks away from the perfect quiet spot along the Comal River. We arranged the time when the sun would be at a perfect spot behind the trees. After he took her to dinner he'd suggest a walk along the river and Calista, sneaky little actress that she is, would approach them and beg them to allow her mom to photograph them fishing because she needed photos of people fishing for a science project she was working on. I would have a pole set up in a quiet picturesque part of the river. The pole would have a piece of costume jewelry ring tied to the end of it. He'd have the real ring in his pocket.

There was another little catch. We'd never met Jonny or Krystle and had just a some photographs on Facebook to go on in picking them out of the crowd of river goers along the river that evening.

Calista's got an eagle eye, however, and spotted them right away. She nailed her lines. But Krystle looked suspicious. "What kind of science project?" she asked her. Calista stuttered, "uh, about fish?" That's when I jumped in and asked her to reel that fish in. She didn't know how to fish, she told me, so Jonny showed her how. She reeled it in, saw the ring, Jonny dropped to his knee and swept her off her feet. She said yes.

They kissed, they hugged, they cuddled, they couldn't wait to update their Facebook relationship status. But they had to wait because I wasn't done with them yet. We stepped right into a little engagement session and fortunately, Krystle looked beautiful. "Aren't you glad I made you brush your hair before we got here," Jonny asked her. She was grateful and now it made sense that he'd be concerned about it when he wasn't usually.

Congratulations Jonny and Krystle. And thanks for calling me Jonny. It was fun to set up and fun to photograph. You two are so great together!

Lisa on Location New Braunfels destination wedding photography
Lisa on Location New Braunfels destination wedding photography
Lisa on Location New Braunfels destination wedding photography
Lisa On Location Photography

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  1. Lisa I love this! That is so great that you get to be a part of something so cute and sweet. Good job to Calista too! :)