Monday, August 6, 2012

Peacocks are Hell on Heels {New Braunfels Boudoir Photography}

New Braunfels has a new girl in town in the Perky Peacock, and she's already the most popular store on the block.
I got a call a few months ago from one of the ladies of the Peacock interested in setting up some kind of Pin-up day at the store. So began our discussion of a collaboration between the Perky Peacock and Lisa on Location. I'm a huge fan of boudoir photography and pin-up photography as most of you know, so when they called a couple of weeks ago again asking for some help with their fashion show "Hell on Heels" of course I was happy to step up.

The lovely ladies at the Perky Peacock recruited real life, normal women of all shapes and sizes from their customer base and put on a fun fashion show at the Phoenix Saloon on San Antonio Street in New Braunfels the other night. And I was happy to co-sponsor the event providing images for pre-event publicity as well as photographing the event on the night of.

I was greeted with a room full of nervous yet beautiful women getting dressed in fine new clothes and preparing to step on stage in front of hundreds of people. They were feeling good because they'd just had their hair and makeup done by Lauren Simon of David Troy Salon, Bodacious Hair and Skin Benefit and Nail Solution. But these women were not professional models. They were wives and moms; there was a chef, a couple of students, a stay-at-home mom, an executive, a stylist among others. Most had never done anything like this before, but by the end of the evening, they were feeling like rock stars.

I made some new friends during the course of the evening and I'm looking forward to collaborating again with the Perky Peacock -- we already have a few ideas spinning in our heads. You'll be the first to know when that gets under way!
Lisa on Location New Braunfels boudoir photography
Lisa On Location Photography

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