Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Welcome to Jamaica, have a nice day {Texas Destination Wedding Photographer}

New Braunfels Engagement PhotographyHalf of you saw that headline and chuckled because you know it's the punch line of a really old joke. The other half of you are saying "what's she talking about?"

I'm setting this blog to post on the day when I'm scheduled to be in Jamaica. It's a little like time traveling for me. As I sit here, it's Saturday and I'm packing my bags for our trip, yet I'm going to tell my lovely blogger to hold this until Wednesday to post. I didn't want to go that long between blog posts -- don't want you to forget about me while I'm gone -- and I certainly won't be stopping to blog while I'm away. I'd like to tell you that my hiatus from blogging will be a side effect of my busy schedule and all my touristy site-seeing. But truthfully, I'm too cheap to pay the daily connection fees with my laptop so I'll just hold all my fascinating stories until I get back home.

One thing I do want to share with you are some engagement images I shot before I left.

New Braunfels Engagement Photography

Matt and Megan are such sweet people and we had a blast walking around downtown New Braunfels shooting whatever we saw that caught our eyes.

We heard shouts of "don't do it" from passersby who assumed -- rightfully so -- that we were shooting engagements. They didn't convince these two! It was hard to miss how much they love each other.

New Braunfels Engagement Photography

I'll be shooting the bride's portraits at the McNay in a couple of weeks and I'm really looking forward to it -- she's so beautiful! Speaking of bridal portraits, I'll be shooting some tomorrow in Grand Caymen at a little secluded beach in paradise. That's tomorrow for you, not for me. I'm really excited about it and I can't wait to share the photos with you! Until then, thanks for visiting me in Jamaica!

New Braunfels Engagement Photography

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