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The Gardens of Cranesbury View {New Braunfels Wedding Photographer}

The Texas Hill Country right outside of New Braunfels isn't the first place you'd expect to find a classical Italian garden. But a short drive west on Highway 46 will bring you to the surprising beauty of the Gardens of Cranesbury View. For brides desiring a touch of Old World European elegance for their outdoor wedding, there is no finer wedding venue in the area.

The Gardens of Cranesbury View

The Gardens of Cranesbury View is distinctive in that it is both a wedding venue and a residence. Amy, the owner, has been in the wedding business for two decades and the Italian garden tucked away in the Hill Country is her passion. Her degree in horticulture is on full display with the intricate, immaculate hedges, flower beds and other ornamentals. The neoclassic mansion dominates the estate, beautifully framed by pear trees in full blossom lining the drive as you approach.

The Gardens of Cranesbury View

The interior is perfectly suited for weddings. The bridal suite is uncluttered and sophisticated, with hardwood floors, light walls, French doors and large mirrors for an airy, joyful pre-wedding preparation. The vestibule essentially begs for bridal portraits and more wedding party shots after the ceremony. The creamy walls soften the light and the hardwood stair with an iron banister curves up invitingly to the second floor (where the "Juliet Balcony" invites even more great photos).

The Gardens of Cranesbury View

The centerpiece of the gardens is a classic Roman gazebo with an ornate, wrought iron dome. This makes for a stunning setting for wedding ceremonies, with the expansive grass field (overseeded with rye to ensure lush greenery year-round) offering ample room for seating even the largest guest list. With the roses in bloom and fountains flowing, it truly makes for a fairy tale environment.

The Gardens of Cranesbury View

From the wedding gazebo, the modern reception hall (tucked just behind the mansion) is only a short walk away. The reception hall was designed to evoke an old English chapel with large windows and hardwood floors, providing flexibility in case of uncooperative weather. The Juliet Balcony (which I mentioned earlier) is just visible on the left corner of the mansion. This overlooks the main gardens, and is perfect for the bouquet and garter toss as well as bridal portraits.

The Gardens of Cranesbury View

Here... I confess my affinity for infrared photography has reared its head again. Taken from the heart of the gardens, this false-color image shows what the mansion looks like just outside the range of human vision. The leaves of plants reflect infrared very strongly, so the foliage can appear ghostly white or even golden. I love the otherworldly effect, and the Gardens of Cranesbury View, by its very nature, lends itself nicely to infrared photography. There's an even better view of the Juliet Balcony with its classic baluster parapet.

Amy is a consummate professional with more than two decades' worth of experience in the wedding industry. After talking with her for just a few minutes, you'll feel like old friends and confident her venue is the perfect choice for the wedding of your dreams. It goes without saying that their prime wedding dates book fast, so if you're planning a wedding in the New Braunfels or San Antonio area, you'd be wise to contact the Gardens of Cransebury View sooner, rather than later. And don't forget to friend them on Facebook while you're at it-- right after you contact Lisa about photographing your wedding of a lifetime!

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