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Texas Old Town {Austin Wedding Photographer}

Other states may have cowboys, but nowhere is that Old West identity so much a part of every day life as it is in Texas. We grow up with it. Drive down any rural road and you'll see more cattle grazing in the fields than you can count. Our cities--Houston, Austin, San Antonio and yes, even little New Braunfels--host some of the biggest and most exciting rodeos anywhere. So it's no surprise that many brides and grooms want their weddings to reflect their love of cowboy culture and country life. Texas Old Town, located a mile west of I-35 in Kyle, is a great venue for weddings where boot scootin' is required.

Texas Old Town

Texas Old Town does more than just offer lip-service to those wanting country weddings. The offices, dressing rooms, reception halls--all of the buildings would look right at home in Lonesome Dove or Deadwood. Old kerosene lanterns (rewired for electric lights) illuminate the parking lots and sidewalks at night. There's something satisfying about the clunk, clunk, clunk that comes from walking across a wood-plank sidewalk that you just can't get anywhere else.

Texas Old Town

The interiors maintain the rustic style, but smartly include all the comforts of modern life. Air conditioning is particularly welcome during the Texas summer! There are three complete reception halls at Texas Old Town--Redbud (pictured above), Tejas and Sage. Each one has a slightly different floor plan and capacity (capable of hosting parties ranging from 160-500 guests), but all are lined with large windows to let in glorious natural light, and the polished hardwood red oak floors and walls give a healthy, warm glow to brides, grooms and guests photographed there.

Texas Old Town

Having three fine reception halls means Texas Old Town can host up to three weddings at the same time. Fortunately, the halls are spaced well apart from each other so the different events won't overlap. The outdoor wedding gazebos make a lovely setting, surrounded by shady oak trees and grassy lawns. The landscaping is particularly nice, with wooden foot bridges spanning stone-lined streams, fields of wildflowers and (my personal favorite) blooming red bud trees. Late afternoon, outdoor weddings are some of the most fun to photograph, when the daylight goes all soft and velvety, giving colors a richness you won't find at any other time of day.

Danny's the manager there, and either he or Adri will do you right. If you're looking to get hitched and have Texas in your blood, give Texas Old Town a call (they just had an opening on Sept. 10 of this year come available, so if you hurry you might just snag it!) or friend them on Facebook. Give Lisa a call while you're at it, so you have someone there to photograph every minute of your special day!

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  1. I love the rustic vibe of venues like this. There is something magical about a beautiful, quaint wooden setup that can be used for a modern designed celebration. Swoon. - Rachel