Friday, February 25, 2011

My tribute to the King -- in cupcake form {New Braunfels photographer}

I consider myself an artist. A portrait artist. I think like an artist, I act like an artist, and I use my form of expression to put onto film -- or rather digital "film" -- my interpretation of life. So it was that artist in me that sat down with my snack this morning and saw something beautiful. As I was about to dive into this sugary sweet cupcake I decided to photograph it first.

The cupcake is beautiful -- inside and out. Outside you see the peanut buttery frosting and crispy bacon bits sprinkled on top. Stop there, hold on just a second. Did I just say bacon bits? Why yes, in fact I did say bacon bits. You see this is no ordinary cupcake. This is the famous Elvis cupcake from Sweet Dreams Bakery. The baker at this little bakery is an artist in her own right. She takes sugar, eggs and flour and creates something like this. A true work of art. And this little number pays tribute to the King of Rock and Roll himself, Elvis. Inside is delicious chocolate cake and banana cream filling and outside, as I said, is peanut butter frosting and bacon bits.

Elvis himself was an artist. He could take a tune and turn it into something sweet and delicious as well. Thank you very much.

So now we come full circle. This photograph is a work of art portraying a yummy delicious work of art, which pays tribute to another artist and his fascinating palate.

So now I will eat my cupcake -- my delicious, sweet work of art. And I will post this blog, itself a work of art if you ask me, and contemplate the piece of work that is my 4-year-old. He'd like to finger paint this afternoon. The artist in him has spoken. Did I mention they also make Rum and Coke cupcakes made with real rum? I think another trip to the bakery will be in order after the fingerpainting adventure.
Lisa On Location Photography

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