Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day {New Braunfels Photography}

You may notice a new look to my blog and my website! I'm updating my style and colors. I was looking for something richer and more vibrant instead of the plain old black and found this color scheme to match the new Lisa on Location website. I'd love to hear your comments. Change is good from time to time!

Another change at Lisa on Location was hosting my first annual (I usually hate that phrase "first annual" because it's incorrect journalistically -- how can something be annual if it's the first time it's happened, but I digress) Boudoir Day. I rented a nice room at a Bed and Breakfast here in New Braunfels and hired a make-up artist. We had wine, chocolate, nice music and had a blast giving make-overs and then photographing some beautiful women in pretty clothes. The results of those sessions are top secret! But I've shared some images from another couple of ladies I shot last month who were all in favor of me sharing their images with you.

I had so much fun with my January boudoir sessions I've decided to make it a yearly thing. It's perfect for the slow photography season and perfect for the dull winter months. I've already started planning next year's Boudoir Day and may make it a whole weekend, or a couple of weekends if demand is high enough. It's never too early to get your name on the list for next year!


  1. That is a GREAT idea.

  2. I love the new look. It fits you & your constantly-improving stlyes...though I always think, "There's no way it can get better!"

  3. It is a nice tone. As they say, "There's nothing constant in life but change."