Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One Bridal Show Down, Many More to Come!

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So I got a taste of the world of weddings on Sunday. I attended my first bridal show as a photographer. The last time I attended one of these I was a bride 14 years ago and it certainly wasn't to this level. I shook hands with dozens of brides, passed out hundreds of cards and sample photographs and answered question after question. Jayme and I started sounding like a broken record. And those little jokes and one-liners that were so funny the first 30 minutes started to lose their humor after 4 hours. But, the important thing is that now Lisa on Location has a presence in the bridal community of New Braunfels.

The images that seemed to get the most attention were those in my Trash the Dress series. Most of the brides gasped in amazement at the bride floating the Comal River and saying "I would never...." yet there were a handful who cherished the idea of having some fun in their gown after the wedding, much to the horror of their mother standing nearby. So no, the concept is not for everyone, but then again neither is the Snuggie, but still it sells.

I have had quite a few calls and e-mails since the show and my calendar is starting to fill up for the spring.

The photos I decided to share today was taken at the bridal show. This is one of the flower girl models having her hair done a few booths down from us.

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