Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hello New Filters!

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I found some new Photoshop filters that I simply can't believe I haven't bought before. Nik Software has a line of filters that you can purchase for download to add to Photoshop and I'd seen some of them in passing and finally decided to give them a try myself. I am having a blast playing with them. The photo on the right was quite lovely before the Midnight Filter, but after the filter, it seems to take on a hand painted quality. I think it's a keeper.

I've always thought the funnest part of photography was taking the RAW image and making it pop in Photoshop. Now I'm like a kid on Christmas morning, with lots of new toys to play with.

My fun is soon to come to end, however, because next week marks the start of something totally unrelated to Photography, but that will most likely consumer every waking moment of my time. Girl Scout Cookie Season. Yes, you will most likely see a lot of me if you go anywhere at all over the next four weekends. Go to Walmart and see those cute girls pushing their boxes of sinful delight while their moms huddle behind them bundled up in coats and shivering in the rain -- that would be me. The moms standing outside the gas stations arms crossed pacing back and forth and watching the clock while their daughters push those cookies -- that would be me.

If you happen to see me out there, be a dear and please buy a box of cookies. It really is a good cause.

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