Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Baby Girl is too Old for Santa's lap

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I had a volunteer job the other morning taking Santa Photos for an elementary school. It was a nice change because these children act so sweet and innocent around Santa. They're on their best behavior, most of them want their photo taken with him and I got to hear all the funny gift requests these kids came up with --except for the few who whispered into Santa's ear their secret wishes. My own child, however, refused to sit on Santa's lap. My baby is growing up. She also confided in me that she didn't think he was the REAL Santa because she saw his beard separate from his face for a moment. Also her friend told her that it was actually her sister's kindergarten teacher's husband. Okay, well he had me fooled. But it's harder to pull the wool -- or should I say the beard -- over her eyes.
This weekend is full once again. My mom's 70th birthday party is today and I have a fun session involving a family and their horses tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it. In the meantime, Christmas is sneaking up on us fast and I still haven't finished my shopping. I better get on the stick!

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