Monday, December 7, 2009

And then came kitty

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The darkness that engulfed the house last week with the loss of our Holly was heavy. But the clouds are beginning to break and we have found distraction and comfort by welcoming a new little kitty into our home. The adoption process of this little gal was stressful and nauseating. You'd think we were adopting a human child with all the hoops we had to jump through. The screening process was very strict and the fees were very high. But after a long and grueling weekend, we have her!
I'm not really sure if her name is official yet. We have one child calling her Kody, one calling her Kitten, one calling her Frisky, I suggested Red Hot Kitty Pepper but usually slip up and call her Holly and Jayme calls her something that I won't repeat here. If she were to earn her name, she'd be called "Kitty get down from the Christmas Tree" or "No-no kitten, don't poop in Daddy's house plant." She has come in and made a mockery of every cat rule we have in the house. She's on the table, she's on the shelves with the fine knick knacks, she's at the top of the tree, she's plummeting from high places, bouncing off the sliding glass door and smacking at valuable china.
I suppose we'll get her trained soon enough -- or vice versa. The important thing is that she cuddles with the children and helps to ease their pain. Holly would have wanted that.

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