Monday, December 28, 2009

Back to work

I have no photo to share today. I took plenty, but I'm a bit slow at getting started this morning. There's so much to do to play catch-up yet I'm a few pounds heavier and I'm moving a bit slower. Christmas was a lot of fun at our house. Santa was good to the kids and left some fun games. We've been rocking out with Rock Band and my daughters have been plugged into their new DSi and MP3 player. The boy has been having a ball with his many robot toys and I enjoyed moving into the High Definition age with my new flat screen. I'm excited to put some of my photos on DVD and really see how they pop on that screen. I also got some fun photo toys that I'm excited about trying out and I've had some inspiration for some more Beauty of Motherhood photos that I'm looking forward to setting up.

After the Christmas rush for family portraits, my calendar has finally got some breathing room in it. Give me a call if you're finally ready to show off that smile!

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