Thursday, December 31, 2020

Good Riddance to 2020

We all had such high hopes for 2020. Brides love to have weddings with clean simple dates like 2020. There were so many requests for certain dates through the year that were clean and clear. 10/10/20, for example was highly sougth after. as was 5/10/20. There were plenty of cool sounding dates and plenty of brides who had dreamed of starting the decade with their new marriage. Weddings were canceled and rescheduled so many times I gave up using pen on my calendar. I use pencil now and keep erasers handy.

There were seniors who were looking forward to fun senior activities for their cool graduation year. Senior sessions were scheduled and canceled. Pinup parties were planned and then canceled.

The shutdown set in and closed me down for a while and even when the shut down was lifted, clients were nervous. I was nervous.

After some trial and error and research, when I reopened I did so with care. Choosing my longer lenses to give me distance and investing in making my own masks. The calendar finally started filling up in the fall, but many of the weddings that I was shooting were older weddings that had been rescheduled from the spring. Some of those are still to take place next year. There aren't a whole lot of new bookings for 2021, but I'm hopeful the arrival of the vaccines will bring the world back to some semblance of normal by the summer.

I used the quarantine as my ispiration for my annual holiday card. If you follow my blog you know I love to send fun cards every year. This year was a challenge because the inspiration and motivation were at an all time low for me, dealing with so much down time and no social engagements can do that to anyone and I'm no exception.

With the new year brings now inspiration, however, and I plan to use that inspiration for good. I have plans for the next few months and I'm already buidling storyboards and taking notes for future work.

My wish for you is that the New Year brings you joy. I wish for you health and happiness and a return not just to normal, but to more than that. Have an amazing 2021!

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