Monday, November 26, 2018

Coming to a Mailbox Near You! It's the Annual Lisa on Location Christmas Card {New Braunfels Holiday Photography}

Every year at this time I struggle to make time for the annual Christmas card. Some years I flop. Last year for instance, it just didn't happen. I feel bad. And then some years it's really great and I'm so proud!

This year is a fun one! Jayme painstakingly helped me build the set so it could be as authentic as possible. I had to photograph each piece of it individually before piecing it together.

I got to get my sweet kitty, Baby, involved in this one. The outtakes of her part are hilarious so I'm sharing some of them with you here.

But without further hesitation, here it is. The 2019 Lisa on Location family Christmas card.

And of course, the Baby outtakes:

Lisa On Location Photography

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