Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Newly Married Couple and Newest Friends Made at Canyon Springs Golf Club {San Antonio Wedding Photography}

Sometimes while shooting a wedding, something special happens. I make new friends. When Lauryn contacted me a year ago I was thrilled to book her wedding. Her mom is a good friend of my second shooter and good friend, Laura.

It wasn't long after meeting Lauryn and her mom, Sherri, that we became friends too.

This wedding was on a special day for me because it was also my birthday!

For a change my second got to sit out and enjoy herself while another of my favorite seconds, Priscilla, second shot for me on this one.

The wedding was beautiful and so was the Canyon Springs Golf Club. This was the third time I'd shot there but the first time it wasn't raining when I did so I finally got to see the gorgeous greens and beautiful waterfall!

The day was perfect and I'm so happy they asked me to photograph it.

Lisa On Location Photography

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