Monday, June 4, 2018

Welcome the Newest Member of the Family {New Braunfels Pet Photographer}

When my son called me from the nurse's office at school a month ago to ask if he could have a new kitten, the answer was no. We already had six indoor cats and one outdoor running around our house.

I love cats. I always have. I have a huge soft spot in my heart for homeless kittens who need love. That's why I have so many. Most of my cats started out lonely, skinny, scared, alone, hungry.

So then the Boy threw in those words that sealed the deal. "He doesn't have a mommy and he's really tiny and hungry and shivering." Okay that did it. I agreed to take him in on the condition that he was in charge of feeding and caring for him when he was home. I would only care for him while he was in school. The mother was nowhere to be found and it was obvious these kittens hadn't eating in a while.

Here's the sweet thing now.

But he wasn't always so bright-eyed and frisky. When he came to us he was barely a week old. There were four altogether and one had already died. The school nurse was feeding them kitten replacement milk in her office all day while kids and teachers came in and out to check on them. My son spent a lot time dropping into the office that day to cuddle and feed this little guy. At the end of the day each surviving kitten went home with a different child or parent.

The Boy called him Frost because he was shivering so hard when he held him. We call him Frost or Winter or Baby or Tuxedo Mask. Whatever comes to mind.

Before long I'd end up with his sister for a while. She was cared for by a series of foster moms who care for her for a few days at a time while we tried to find a home for her.

The first few days were rough. He wouldn't take the bottle. We had to drop the kitten milk into his mouth drop by drop. He wasn't gaining weight. We took him to the vet for advice. He was otherwise healthy. Just very underweight.

Here are a few early images of how he looked back then:

We managed to get him through those early first weeks with round the clock feedings, lots of time on the heating pad and lots of love.

We're fully invested now. He's finally eating soft food from a bowl, his sister is with a loving family and she's scheduled to get her first round of vaccinations.

Welcome home little Frost. And bon voyage little Kiara (his sister's new name).

Lisa On Location Photography

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