Sunday, January 21, 2018

Boudoir is a Gift to Women Even More than to the Men They Love {New Braunfels Boudoir}

Most of the women who come to me for boudoir tell me they're doing it for their guy. But every single one left the studio feeling like it was actually a better gift to themselves.

Many women won't admit it, but they have at one time or another fantasized about being a model. About being on the cover of a glamour magazine, and some of them have even fantasized about being in the centerfold of a men's magazine.

Boudoir sessions are a safe way for many of these women to fulfill that fantasy and do something fun for their significant other at the same time.

Being a boudoir photographer has changed my own body perception as well. I'm not as thin and perky as I once was and at one time that bothered me. But over the past eight or so years I've had hundreds of women of all age, shapes and sizes in front of the camera and what I saw was that every single one of them had something about their own body that they were self conscience about.

Every. Single. One.

It's frustrating in a way. I've had women with a 24 inch waist say to me, "I'm embarrassed by my saggy belly, can we hide that?"

I've had women with the most gorgeous backsides tell me "I don't like my butt, can we hide that?"

And do I tell them what I think? Of course I do, "We're not going hide it necessarily, we're going to pose it and light it in a way that makes you love it."

I've studied boudoir intensely for these past eight years. I've spent countless hours shadowing some of the masters of boudoir all over the country to learn how they do it. A turn of a wrist here, a bend of a knee there, a hip pop here and a twist of the waist there will bring out curves and define the naturally gorgeous shapes of any of my clients.

And when they see their images, they can hardly believe it's them sometimes. I confess that I utilize Photoshop, but I don't depend on it. It's a tweaking tool, not a body shape changing tool. I use it to get rid of skin blemishes, soften lines, soften scars and magically heal eczema and rashes. I won't turn you into someone that you aren't. I will just make you look like you on a really good day.

Your images are private when you shoot with me. I only display images from models who I call on from time to time. I won't ask you if I can share them but some women are so thrilled they ask to sign a model release and want me to share them.

The boudoir experience is fun for women of all ages. They tell themselves it's for the guy in their life. But they do it for themselves even more so.

Lisa On Location Photography

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