Thursday, July 20, 2017

When the Boys are Away Part 2: My week of boudoir fun continues {New Braunfels Boudoir Photography}

Yesterday I told you about my amazing week of no boys. If you missed it, take a look here.

Also, if you have a minute, take a look at what my guys were up to last week!

I had a wonderful session with "Amy" first. Then I welcomed "Nancy" into my studio. Once again I'm not using their real names to protect their privacy.

My goal for this session was to work on my ring light a little more. I've had it for years but haven't pulled it out much because I love my soft boxes so much. We also played around with some poses I haven't used much and some areas of the studio that I don't shoot much in.

Once again I was forcing myself to shoot poses and areas outside my box and use equipment and lenses that I don't usually pull out.

We did some work on the white screen -- yes that is a white screen behind her. Why is it so dark? Because I didn't light it. This is so much better than switching to my black screen. I can just keep the backdrop and move the lights instead.

A simple switch of the lights and we're shooting on white again. Her husband is a football fan.

We then moved into the dressing room. I've always thought my dressing room was so sexy. It is, it really is.

And of course I love my windows. I shot through some beads, had her play with beads, had her play with poses. And I forced myself to use natural window light, which I use from time to time, but I really love my lights. So it was nice to not use them some too.

Then we just played with some other favorite areas and had some fun with new poses.

I think we did an amazing job. I'll add some of these techniques and poses into my normal rotation. Thanks "Nancy".

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