Monday, July 17, 2017

Come on in, The Water's Fine! {New Braunfels Underwater Photography}

One of my most favorite sessions to shoot, besides pinup and boudoir, is underwater imagery. I've been toying with it for several years but haven't had much of a place to go to learn more because there aren't too many photographers that do it (or rather do it well).

I took a course a few weeks ago with a very talented senior photograph, Larry Peters, who combines underwater images with his senior packages as an add-on. He did give me some new ideas in the area of underwater imagery. But most of what I know I learned from doing it myself. I've spent hours in the water with extremely patient models, with my own children, and with clients who are eager to get anything they can of this beautiful art form.

The past few weeks I've spent a lot of time under the surface of my pool and I think I'm starting to get it more and more with each dive under. The final product is a combination of in camera artistry and post processing artistry.

Here are some of what I've captured just this summer. First of all some of my own little mermaid. She saved up her money all last summer lifeguarding at Schlitterbahn to buy this amazing silicon tail, which she enjoys swimming in just for fun.

Then I had my second shooter pose for me in one of my new tails. I was going for a darker mermaid look with these. A little scary, a little sexy.

Then I called on one of my favorite teens to put a dress on and go swimming with me. She did an amazing job.

I'm super happy to be able to finally take my underwater imagery in the direction I've wanted to go. I have some exciting new concepts to explore with it. Give me a call to set up your underwater session soon. It starts to get cold in early October and after that I'll still do it, but you'll be miserable! Call while it's warm!

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