Wednesday, July 19, 2017

When the Boys are Away, The Girls Will Play: Five days of Boudoir {New Braunfels and San Antonio Boudoir Photographer}

My husband and our only son went away to Boy Scout camp last week. It will go down in family history to me as the glorious week of the clean, quiet house and the parade of half-naked women though the studio. And it will go down in history to my husband as the week he got stuck in the desert with no cell phone reception, a group of flatulent adolescent boys and the flash flood that stranded him for 8 hours without food before they finally made a human chain to escape the waters. It was like that scene in Joe vs. the Volcano where Meg Ryan is in the tent with the ladies of Waponi Woo getting her nails done while eating grapes and listening to sweet music and Tom Hanks is in the tent with the guys getting slapped with dead fish while they laugh at him.

It was a wonderful week. I put out a model call prior to the week because I thought I'd take advantage of my freedom to play around with some new equipment and experiment with new poses and props. I had an avalanche of gorgeous women reply so I had to narrow it down to just a few. These ladies are so generous to come into my studio and sign a model release to let me share their images with you.

I never share images from my paying clients unless they specifically tell me I can because those images are private to them and to their significant other.

This blog begins the first in a series that I'll share with you to show you a few of the images I captured during my glorious week of bliss.

I won't use the models real names so I'll make up one for them. This first beautiful lady, let's call her Amy, is a mother of four. It's hard to believe because she looks so young and in shape. With Amy I wanted to play a bit with some retro furniture and backdrops. I've done pinup in the 40s and 50s (and even 60s on occasion) but the 70s had a whole 'nother look and feel to it. I like how these turned out.

Amy also loves to box so we included some time with the boxing gloves for her.

And lastly, I really wanted to recreate a pin-up style image I saw on an advertisement recently so I put her in a retro swimsuit and went to work. It's cute, I think!

Thanks so much for modeling for me Amy.

I'll share the rest of the ladies in separate blogs. Subscribe to my blog if you'd like to see when they're out! And check out my Secrets by Miss Lisa page to see more boudoir and pinup!

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