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Beautiful Women Come in all Shapes and Sizes {New Braunfels boudoir photographer}

Lisa On Location offers tasteful, sensual boudoir photography for New Braunfels, Austin, San Antonio and San MarcosI had my annual Boudoir Day the other day! If you read my blog on a regular basis, you know that once a year I rent a nice hotel room -- this year it was the Faust Hotel. I hire a makeup artist (Lauren at Hint of Shimmer is amazing) and do a day of boudoir mini-sessions. Each lady gets a makeover courtesy of Lauren and then half an hour with me to photograph them in their favorite slinky things. At the end of each boudoir day I like to have a professional model come in to work with me to create some images for my ad campaigns. I never use my client images (unless they specifically ask me to) for my portfolio or albums because I believe it is that lady's right to keep her images private. All the images you see here are of that model, Rachel.

When Rachel arrived she pulled out a suitcase full of slinky things. She pulled out a very lovely corset and said, "I don't recommend this one because it doesn't look good on me." I found that hard to believe. She was quite stunning. But because I wanted her to feel sexy, I chose some of the other outfits and we got started. Rachel was an amazing model. She needed little coaching from me and she exhibited a confidence in her body that conveyed very well through the camera, so I was stunned to hear her confess to me that other photographers have had problems with her hips. It's the reason she didn't want to wear the other outfit. "Excuse me?" I said. "Problems with your hips?"

"They're too round," she said.

I had just spent the day photographing women of all shapes and sizes, from petite to plus size, and all of them were beautiful. To hear this gorgeous model tell me that anyone had issue with any part of her body was disheartening to say the least. "Well I think they're perfect," I told her. Any photographer that has issues with round hips can give me a call right now because I'd like to give them a proper chewing out. It's our job as the photographer to work with the body before us and make it look good using the right lighting and the right posing. I decided to demonstrate how gorgeous her "imperfect" hips were by setting up a back-lit silhouette. Take a look above and tell me if you have issues with those hips. My cell number is on my site. Go ahead, give me a call.

Lisa On Location offers tasteful, sensual boudoir photography for New Braunfels, Austin, San Antonio and San Marcos
When I started advertising for my boudoir day on my Facebook page a few months ago I got a few comments from some of my clients, "When I lose a few pounds," they'd say. "I'm just too big," they'd say. One of my boudoir clients from last year e-mailed me. She was proud to admit that she was "5'8" and 300 pounds of diva-ness," and wanted me to share her images with potential clients who may be nervous about their weight. "If there are any of your plus-size gals that want to see a big girl in action, I don't mind you showing them my photos." Just not online, she said. She was in training to be a minister and discretion was important. Her session was awesome. Her images are amazing. She's beautiful.

Lisa On Location offers tasteful, sensual boudoir photography for New Braunfels, Austin, San Antonio and San Marcos
As I continue to edit these sessions, I'm doing my best to leave mother nature alone. Of course, I'm smoothing out the skin to give them that magazine glossy shine. I'm tucking a few little skin pinches here and there. Covering up bruises, blemishes and scars. But for the most part I don't have to spend too much time. These women are beautiful without much help from me. And Rachel's hips are perfect. Rachel, if another photographer has issues with your hips, give them my number. Please. Seriously.

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