Thursday, October 27, 2011

Marie and Juan {San Antonio wedding photographer}

I've shot many, many weddings in my time. That kind of comes as part of the package of being married to Lisa--working as her second shooter at weddings, capturing the groomsmen getting ready as well as subtle, fleeting moments has become my forte. But it's a rare event when I get to step up as the main photographer for a wedding. I've been very fortunate that when I do, I have fantastic couples like Marie and Juan to shoot!

Marie and Juan were quite possibly the happiest couple I've ever seen getting married. They didn't let any of the little stresses of the wedding day get to them--they were simply overjoyed to be in the presence of each other! They'd known each other for 7 years, and I could see that comfortable familiarity in their relationship as they joked and played around with each other non-stop.

The ceremony and reception was held at one of our favorite wedding venues in the San Antonio area, The Vineyards at Garden Ridge. The weather was perfect, the flowers decorating the pavilion gorgeous and the mariachi band lifted the festivities up to a whole other level.

They were really good sports about taking photos, agreeing with every silly thing I had them do and coming up with a few creative poses of their own. They readily agreed to let me shoot some infrared wedding photography with them, although they didn't understand what it was at first. Once I showed them the elegant infrared bridal portraits I was getting, like the image above, and the luminous, otherworldly scenes I was capturing, below, they quickly became fans. The Vineyards is just about as perfect a wedding venue to shoot infrared as there can be, with all their lush grapevines and arbors turning a beautiful snow white in the camera.

Congratulations, Marie and Juan! I hope your lives together are every bit as happy as your wedding day! Thank you for letting me be a part of it!

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  1. Congratulations!!!...Juan & Marie!!!...Marie you were such a beautiful bride...the third photo was very looked gorgeous!!!...May you and Juan continue to show love and deep respect for each other. - Eph 5:33

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