Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Serengeti Resort {New Braunfels wedding photographer}

When people think "Texas" pretty much the first things that come to mind are cowboys, horses and a rugged, Old West style. Ranching is a huge part of our history here in the Lone Star State, but we've come a very long way from the epic trail drives of yesteryear. There are more species of exotic wildlife on Texas game ranches than almost anywhere else in the world, and these days someone driving through the Hill Country is just as likely to catch a glimpse of African antelope as they are white tailed deer. The Serengeti Resort in tiny Bergheim, just 30 miles west of New Braunfels on Highway 46, incorporates exotic animals into the wedding experience, taking things to a whole new level.

The Serengeti Resort has a wide range of animals from around the world, including giraffes, zebras, black buck antelope and scimitar antelope, just to name a few. Oh, and a dromedary camel named Clyde. Can't forget Clyde--he'd never forgive me! The resort hosts vacationers for week-long retreats or weekend getaways, with a nice selection of tents, bungalows and other accommodations. But weddings are where the Geti really shines. In addition to the Zafara Lodge with its impressive trophy room and cush guest rooms, there's the adjacent Jubulani Lodge with spacious areas for the brides and bridesmaids to get ready. Right outside is a picturesque swimming pool. Nestled between the two lodges is an outdoor flagstone courtyard shaded by stately live oaks during the day. At night, strings of lights in the branches light up to enhance the starry night. Torches and calls from the exotic animals all around complete the scene, transporting this little piece of Texas to the wilds of Africa.

The Zafara Lodge at the Serengeti Resort. Photo by Lisa On Location destination wedding photography in New Braunfels, San Antonio and Austin

The thatched-roof pavillion, just a short walk away, boasts 3,000 feet of dance floor and dining area for receptions or the actual wedding ceremony if weather threatens. There's a built-in bar as well as a large stage for live music, plus impressive lighting fixtures and sound system. All in all, the Geti can accommodate weddings of up to 300 guests, but they're flexible enough to host more intimate gatherings as well. One very nice option the manager, Josh, explained to me is that for weddings the resort can be booked for 24 hours, which means the bride and groom get to sleep in the next day and not worry about anything other than enjoying themselves.

Now, I know "unique" is a word that overused way too much these days, but it really does apply to Serengeti Resort weddings. Where else are you going to find a Texas wedding venue that comes complete with lemurs? That's what I thought. If you're looking for a Texas Hill Country wedding that will leave your guests talking for a long time to come, you'll be hard-pressed to top the Geti. And if you need help with organizing and all the details, Brandi is available to help coordinate your wedding on-site. Pretty convenient. So if you're looking to combine your nuptials with an African safari, Texas style, give Josh, Brandi or even Clyde a call at (830) 816-3600, or drop them a line. Heck, if you're feeling ambitious, you can even "Like" them on Facebook. Whatever you do, make sure you get in touch with Lisa On Location first, because photographing a safari wedding with exotic animals? Lisa is all over that!

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